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NHHPC Theme: Social Responsibility
March 9, 2012
Social Entrepreneurship The NHHPC fosters the creation of sustainable, long term solutions that benefit humans living and working in space and on Earth by applying social responsibility principles to collaborative member projects. NHHPC social responsibility efforts and goals include:
  • Facilitate resource and knowledge sharing among member organizations to find social responsibility opportunities that benefit both space and life on Earth interests
  • Facilitate activities between member organizations to assure the best projects are developed and executed
  • Collaborate on new and novel technologies for providing clean water, food and air for space and life on Earth
  • Collaborate on the use of tools such as satellite imagery to facilitate improved monitoring and early warning systems to counter public health events
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing of human health space exploration practices to create collaborations for life on Earth applications
  • Leverage resources of member organizations to advance humanitarian efforts for understanding causal mechanisms of disease, virulence of infectious agents and delivery mechanisms for vaccines and medications

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