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NHHPC Theme: Education and Outreach
October 18, 2010
NHHPC Theme: Education and Outreach The NHHPC will serve as a focal point for coordination of education and outreach initiatives at all levels including grades K-12, undergraduate and graduate students, medical students, postdoctoral fellows, flight surgeons, teachers, NASA and International Partner astronauts and candidates, commercial spaceflight participants, and the general public. New initiatives will be based on established local, national and international member organization programs, and may be offered through Space Life Sciences Academy or among any member organizations. Topics will include:
  • Provide a focal point for coordination of education and outreach initiatives to promote human health and performance
  • Utilize NHHPC STEM membership to collaborate, innovate, and generate products and programs aligned with the President’s “Educate to Innovate” campaign
  • Address educational needs of students and educators of all levels from K-12 to post-doctoral work, as well as NASA and International Partner astronaut and commercial spaceflight programs
  • Collaborate on partnerships with graduate education, summer faculty fellowships, expanded internship opportunities, and expanded teacher education
  • Provide public education on human health and performance technology advances resulting from human spaceflight, including social entrepreneurial technology advances in global health, water purification, air monitoring technologies, and waste management
  • Create national evidence-based outreach activities and classroom curricula regarding the benefits of advances in biomedical preventive medicine
  • Encourage and inspire children and adults in the realization of healthy, active lifestyles, drawing upon experience maintaining the health and performance of humans in space
  • Develop online training to expand a Space Life Sciences certificate program including in-residence internships or collaborative research at sponsor universities

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