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NHHPC Overview

The NASA Human Health and Performance Center (NHHPC) is a virtual center that brings organizations together to advance human health and performance innovations for life in space and on Earth by sharing best practices and engaging in collaborative projects. 

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NHHPC Technical Needs and Collaborative Opportunities

Active technical needs, partnering interests, funding opportunities, open innovation programs, and collaborative project opportunities of NHHPC member organizations. Send us your technical needs and collaborative opportunities.

NHHPC Member Needs and Collaborative Opportunities
View all needs and opportunities and learn how you can collaborate to solve problems and advance common goals.
View NASA’s human risk needs and learn how you can engage in research and technology development projects to advance human spaceflight.

NHHPC Spotlight

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New Members

Welcome to our newest members!

  • Baylor Global Initiative
  • Nascent Science & Technology, LLC
  • Texas Southern University
  • DB Consulting Inc.

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