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CoECI Overview

Active Challenges

Space Pioneering – Achieving Earth Independence
Describe one or more Mars surface systems/capabilities and operations needed to achieve this goal.

Reducing Exposure to Galactic Cosmic Rays Challenge
Seeking solutions for decreasing astronauts’ radiation exposure from Galactic Cosmic Rays while on long duration crewed missions in free space.

Flexible Sealing Device Challenge
Seeking a new sealing method or device to reversibly join the edges of flexible materials. 

DTN Dashboard Challenge
Build a Network Monitoring & Management Interface (dashboard) for non-technical users. 

CineSpace: NASA Imagery – Your Vision
A short film competition to share works inspired by -- and using -- actual NASA imagery through "CineSpace," 

DTN Neighbor Discovery Protocol Challenge
Update Disruption Tolerant Networking (DTN) "ION" implementation so that it includes IP Neighbor Discovery (IPND).

Astronaut Email Challenge
Integrate the ION DTN BP with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server to support the transfer of astronaut email to/from the ISS.

Page Last Updated: May 19th, 2015
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