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CoECI Overview

Active Challenges

Balance Mass Challenge
Find a dual purpose for Balance mass that is jettisoned from Mars landers to balance the spacecraft during entry and landing

OpenWARP Challenge
Develop open source software to simulate the physics and device components for Wave Energy Conversion

OpenNEX Data Challenge
Seeking creative new ways to utilize the Climate and Earth Science data recently made available on the OpenNEX platform on AWS

Asteroid Tracker Challenge
Develop optimization algorithms for Near Earth Object tracking using monolithic radar arrays.

Astronaut Email Challenge
Integrate the ION DTN BP with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server to support the transfer of astronaut email to/from the ISS.

Asteroid Data Hunter Challenge
Develop a significantly improved algorithm to identify asteroids in images from ground-based telescopes. 

Solution Mechanism Guide Challenge
Create an online tool so that users can navigate a series of questions to a filtered subset of solution mechanisms based on the criteria they input.

EPA Cyanobacteria Predictive Modeling Challenge
Develop a predictive model based on the best available science to forecast the location of Cyano bloom events.

EPA ToxCast Prediction Challenge
Develop an algorithm based on data provided by the EPA to help predict a chemical’s “systemic lowest effect level” from a traditional animal toxicity study.

NASA’s Disruption Tolerant Networking Challenge Series 
DTN is an approach to computer network architecture that seeks to address the technical issues in heterogeneous networks that may lack continuous network connectivity.

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