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NASA X Producer Michael Bibbo
August 16, 2012

Michael Bibbo has been a television producer for nearly 20 years and has more than 250 television programs to his credit.


Michael graduated from Bennington College with a degree in architecture, but found himself constantly making short films with an old Betamax camera. He decided to follow this passion and pursue a career in film. He attended the New School University in New York City and graduated with a M.A. in Film and Media Communications.

After working in New York for a year, Michael met the woman who would become his wife and moved to Virginia Beach to work at a CBS affiliate. He produced, photographed and edited sports segments for a local television program called "BuzTV," which earned several regional Emmy Awards.

Follow-up programs took Michael outdoors and into the wild with "Virginia Outdoor Life" (VOL). He co-produced, photographed and edited over 60 episodes for VOL.

When VOL ended, Michael was asked to produce a pilot for a children's educational program. The resulting show was called "Brain Stew."

Michael created "Brain Stew" together with his wife, who was featured as the host for three seasons. "Brain Stew" was syndicated in several states and rated "highly educational" by the Annenburg Public Policy Center. It was also named a top ten educational show of the year and nominated for an Emmy.

In 2000, Michael joined Kevin Krigsvold to co-produce a new program for NASA called "Destination Tomorrow." Together they created 25 programs over five years that have aired globally and won a regional Emmy Award in 2001.

In 2007, Bibbo co-created one of NASA's most successful outreach programs, NASA 360. This vodcast/television series has over 16 million downloads. It was the first NASA program to air on Hulu and is still broadcasted nationally and internationally on-board numerous airlines. Along with accepting a Capital Region Emmy Award in 2008 for editing on NASA 360, Bibbo was nominated for a National Daytime Emmy Award in June, 2011.

Michael also produced and directed two live interactive Space Station programs for NASA for an audience of more than 15 million viewers. He continues to work on commercial projects in his spare time.

Along with NASA 360, Michael and Kevin co-created and are producing "Discovery Now," a daily 90-second program featuring highlights in aeronautics and astronautics technology, science, history, innovations, research, and inventions from the aerospace industry.

› www.discoverynow.us

Michael currently resides in Norfolk, Va., with his wife and two daughters.

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NASA X Producer Michael Bibbo.
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NASA/Michael Bibbo
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