International Space Station

International Space Station

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Exploration at NASA home page

This is the beginning of a new era in space exploration where we will build the capabilities to send humans deeper into space than ever before.

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OIA web site
Office of Strategic Infrastructure

OSI is a diverse organization supporting Agency missions by providing executive leadership, policy, technical expertise and oversight of Agency infrastructure and management systems for: aircraft, environmental, real property, logistics, and strategic capabilities programs.

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Orbiter Placement

    Shuttle Endeavour is pulled into Orbiter Processing Facility 1.

    After 30 years of spaceflight, 135 missions and numerous science and technology firsts, NASA's space shuttle fleet will retire and be on display at institutions across the country to inspire the next generation of explorers and engineers.

    On April 12, 2011, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden announced the facilities where four shuttle orbiters will be displayed permanently at the conclusion of the Space Shuttle Program.

Orbiter Locations

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