THEMIS Spacecraft and Instruments

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Spacecraft and Instruments


image of THEMIS
THEMIS spacecraft bus with instruments. Image Credit: NASA
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image of THEMIS
THEMIS spacecraft instruments. Image Credit: NASA

Instrument Data Processing Unit (IDPU)
The IDPU houses most of the electronics for the instruments on the THEMIS spacacraft.   › Read More

Electric Field Instruments (EFI)
The EFI is designed and built to sense the electric field in Earth's ever-changing magnetosphere  › Read More

Flux Gate Magnetometer (FGM)
The FGM measures the background meagnetic field to identify and time the abrupt reconfigurations of the magnetosphere during substorm onset.  › Read More

Search Coil Magnetometers (SCM)
The SCM measures low frequency magnetic field fluctuations and waves in three directions in Earth's magnetoshpere.  › Read More

Electrostatic Analyzer (ESA)
The ESA measures thermal electrons and ions to identify and track high-speed flows through the magnetotail and identify pressure pulses.  › Read More

Solid State Telescope (SST)
The SST measures particle distribution functions. › Read More


Ground-Based All-Sky Imager (ASI) Array
The ground-based All-Sky Imager (ASI) array observes the aurora over the Northern American continent from Canada to Alaska in order to determine where and when the auroral substorm onset occurs. › Read More

Ground-Based Magnetometer (GMAG) Array
The GMAG Measure changes in Earth’s magnetic field near Earth’s surface due to substorm onset to help determine the timing of substorm events. › Read More

THEMIS Ground Stations
image of THEMIS ground station locations
This visualization shows the 20 THEMIS ASI ground station locations. These ground stations will asist the THEMIS satellite constellation in measuring the Aurora Borealis over North America. Each ground station has an all-sky imaging white-light auroral camera and a magnetometer. The ground stations' radial coverage is rendered at 540km.


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International Partners

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