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  • The sun erupted with a coronal mass ejection traveling at over 900 miles per second.

    More Eruptions from Active Region 1476

    05.17.12 - The sun erupted with an M-class flare that peaked at 9:47 PM EDT on May 17, 2012. A CME also burst from the sun at 9:48 PM EDT, traveling at over 930 miles per second.

  • PBS program

    Secrets of the Sun

    04.17.12 - With new tools, scientists are striving to better grasp our star and its potentially widely destructive solar storms. Program airs April 25, 2012 on PBS.

  • Image of solar prominence eruption associated with M1.7 class solar flare.

    Giant Prominence Erupts

    04.16.12 - On April 16, 2012 a giant prominence erupted from the left/east side of the sun in association with an M1.7 class solar flare.

  • The sun, rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise, as seen by SDO.

    SDO Goes For a Spin

    04.05.12 - Twice a year engineers perform a 360 degree roll of the SDO spacecraft about the spacecraft-sun line. This roll maneuver allows the team to remove the instrument optical distortions from the solar limb.

  • Chemical Release cloud from ATREX mission

    ATREX Mission Successfully Launched from Wallops

    03.27.12 - NASA successfully launched five suborbital sounding rockets this morning from its Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia as part of a study of the upper level jet stream.

  • Solar Week - March 19-23, 2012

    Study the Sun During Solar Week - March 19-23, 2012

    03.08.12 - Solar Week provides a week-long series of web-based educational activities for classrooms about our magnetic variable star, the sun, and its interactions with Earth and the solar system.

  • solar flare seen by SDO

    Big Sunspot Remains Active

    03.13.12 - On March 13, 2012, the sun erupted with an M7.9-class flare from the same region that has been producing flares and coronal mass ejections all week.

  • This bright area is sunspot region 1429 which has released M and X class flares all week.

    Moderate Geomagnetic Storm at Earth

    03.12.12 - Geomagnetic storms at Earth are currently at a rating of G2 (moderate) on a scale of G1 to G5.

  • An aurora on March 8, 2012 shimmering over snow-covered mountains in Faskrudsfjordur, Iceland.

    Geomagnetic Storm Strength Increases

    03.09.12 - Geomagnetic storms due to CMEs earlier in the week have increased in strength, and are now rated a G3 on a scale from G1 to G5.

  • Screen capture of X1 class flare eruption on March 5, 2012.

    Active Region on the Sun Spits Out Three Flares

    03.05.12 - On March 2, 2012 a new active region on the sun, region 1429, rotated into view. Since arriving, it has let loose two M-class flares on March 2 and 4 and one X1 class flare this morning.

  • Logo for NASA space weather app for Android.

    New NASA Space Weather App for Android

    02.28.12 - NASA has developed a space weather app for Android users that provided access to some of the cutting-edge technology that our scientists use to track space weather.

  • Still from video of Moon passing between SDO and the sun.

    Partial Solar Eclipse from Space

    02.22.12 - The Moon moves between the Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite and the Sun, producing a partial solar eclipse from space.

  • Promotional image for

    The Sun As Art

    02.06.12 - A new interactive NASA art exhibit opens February 9 at the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore that will showcase stunning images of the sun.

  • A CME explodes from the sun on Jan. 27, 2012.

    X1.8 Solar Flare and CME - 01.27.12

    01.27.12 - Sunspot 1402 fires a parting shot as it rotates around the edge of the sun -- an X1.8 class solar flare and CME.

  • Still from video of earth directed CME.

    01.23.12: M8.7 Solar Flare and Earth Directed CME-UPDATED

    01.25.12 - The sun erupted late on January 22, 2012 with an M8.7 class flare, an earth-directed coronal mass ejection (CME).