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The ISS Technology Demonstration Office (TDO) coordinates the identification and planning of ISS technology payloads developed by NASA. These include payloads sponsored by the Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD), Human Exploration Operations Mission Directorate (HEOMD), including Advanced Exploration Systems (AES) and ISS. TDO also coordinates the research planning for the ISS Department of Defense (DOD) payloads.

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Cover of Researcher's GuideA Researcher’s Guide to ISS Technology Demonstration, July 2013
The mission of the International Space Station (ISS) Program is to advance science and technology research, expand human knowledge, inspire and educate the next generation, foster the commercial development of space and demonstrate capabilities to enable future exploration missions beyond low Earth orbit (LEO).
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The International Space Station Technology Demonstration Plans
These are the current, evolving plans for exploration technology and engineering research using the ISS. These plans are populated by cross agency experts in each system area. The plans attempt to reflect the identified technology needs and intended paths to address those needs by utilizing the ISS.
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NASA Research Announcement: Research Opportunities for International Space Station Utilization, Solicitation: NNJ13ZBG001N (UPDATED: November 14, 2014)

International Space Station (ISS) Research and Development Conference: Gain A New Perspective, July 7-9, 2015, Boston, Massachusetts 

ISS Technology Demonstration Research

ISS R&D Conference 2015

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Advanced Exploration Systems (AES)
Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD)
› STMD Game Changing Development
STMD Game Changing Development Principal Investigators -- The PI has overall technical and program authority for a portfolio of projects, and is responsible to the Game Changing Development Division Director  for defining the portfolio strategy and to the PD for successful programmatic implementation of each project in the portfolio.

Customer Service Helpline

ISS Research (Customer Service) Helpline
The ISS Research Integration Office has both a phone and an email customer service helpline that Payload Developers and others interested in doing research on the International Space Station can contact to get assistance. The phone is staffed during regular business hours. After hours, please leave a message and a representative will return the call on the next business day. Or send us an email with your contact info, affiliation, detailed question(s), and how you are planning to use the info.
  Phone: 281-244-6187
  Email:  jsc-iss-research-helpline@mail.nasa.gov

ISS IT PD Liaison/Customer Service
If you have questions regarding NASA/JSC badging, security or remote computer access (e.g., to NASA internal websites, ISS Payload documentation, etc.), please email the ISS IT PD Liaison or call Customer Service. The phone is staffed live during regular business hours. After hours, please leave a message and a representative will return the call on the next business day.
  Phone: 281-244-8999
  Email:  jsc-iss-it-pd-liaison@mail.nasa.gov

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