Students in Space Station Research and Technology

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Students in Space Station Research and Technology

Students from around the world participate in space station science activities. If you’re a student interested in science and technology on the space station, visit the links below and visit our Educational experiments site to learn about student opportunities.

NASA Research for Kids graphic Saturday Morning Science
Expedition 6 and 30 astronaut Don Pettit uses his time on the International Space Station to shed the light of science on a variety of subjects. Check out some of his cool Expedition 6 experiments here and his Expedition 30 experiments here.

NASA Research for Teachers graphic Buzz Lightyear®on ISS
Learn about Buzz's stay on the space station through interactive games, movies, and activities. Visit the website.

NASA Research for Kids graphic EarthKAM
Students, this is your chance to have some fun while learning about our world. Visit the EarthKam student website to explore images of Earth taken from space, and perhaps be able to take your own images!

Kids performing training exercise Train Like an Astronaut
Do you have what it takes to keep as fit as the astronauts? Find out and challenge yourself by visiting the physical fitness training challenges as the NASA Fit Explorer Website.

NASA Research for Kids graphic What Happens to Butterflies and Spiders in Space?
Visit BioEd Online to watch butterfly activity and spider activity.

To find information for students and kids at the space station international partner agencies, visit their websites:

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA):
   › For Kids Only
   › Kid’s Club
   › NASA Quest
   › NASA Students
   › Solar System Education for Kids
   › The Space Place

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA):
   › Space Station Kids!

European Space Agency (ESA):
   › ESA Kids

Canadian Space Agency (CSA):
   › Kidspace
   › Students Zone

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