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› International Space Station: We're Working Off the Earth For the Earth
› Capillary Flow Experiments on Space Station
› NASA's OPALS Beams Video from Space
› NASA's RapidScat: Watching the Winds From Space
› Rodent Research in Microgravity
› Astronaut Vision Changes in Microgravity
› International Space Station Protein Crystal Growth
› Bone Remodeling in Microgravity
› Racin' the Station
› From Skylab to Station: Out of This World Science
› Benefits for Humanity: In Their Own Words

Current Research Videos
January 2015

› Space Station Research Explorer
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ISS Research Web Resources
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Current Expedition Lithograph
Expedition 42

› Benefits for Humanity (PDF, 5 MB)

› Research in Space 2013 and Beyond (PDF, 4.66MB)

Utilization Statistics
› Utilization Statistics (PDF,1 MB)

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Research & Technology Latest News Features
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Research & Technology Latest News Features -- Archives
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› ScienceCasts: Subtracting Gravity from Alzheimer's
› ScienceCasts: A Giant Among Earth Satellites
› ScienceCasts: Jellyfish Flame on the International Space Station
› ScienceCasts: Fruit Flies on the International Space Station
› ScienceCasts: A Laser Message from Space: "Hello World"
› ScienceCasts: Lettuce Orbit Earth - A New Form of Life Takes Root on ISS
› ScienceCasts: Separated at Launch
› ScienceCasts: 10 More Years
› ScienceCasts: The Coolest Spot in the Universe
› ScienceCasts: Starting Fire in Water
› ScienceCasts: Genius Materials on the ISS
› ScienceCasts: ISS "Firestation" to Explore the Tops of Thunderstorms
› ScienceCasts: The Zero Gravity Coffee Cup
› ScienceCasts: Strange Flames on the International Space Station
› ScienceCasts: Glow-in-the-Dark Plants on the ISS 
› ScienceCasts: A Whiff of Dark Matter on the ISS
› ScienceCasts: Don't Let This Happen to Your Planet
› ScienceCasts: ISS Transit of Venus
› ScienceCasts: Bright Perseid Photographed from Space
› ScienceCasts: Auroras Underfoot

More About Space Station

Just for Researchers Space Station for Researchers Discover how NASA partners with industry, academia and federal, state, regional and local entities for research and development.
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Space Station for Kids
Are you a student interested in some of the cool experiments and activities related to space station science and technology? Visit us here.
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Space Station for Educators
Are you an educator with ideas for projects or experiments that could be done on ISS? Interested in getting involved in ISS educational programs? Want useful media to explain microgravity concepts and activities? Visit us here.
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Station Research Benefits
Several patents and applications have already demonstrated Earth benefits of the public's investment in ISS research.
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