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ABRS (Advanced Biological Research System)

    Levine HG, Cox DR, Reed DW, Mortenson TE, Shellack JL, Wells HW, Murdoch T, Regan MF, Albino SA, Cohen JN.  The Advanced Biological Research System (ABRS): A Single Middeck Payload for Conducting Biological Experimentation on the International Space Station. 47th Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit, Orlando, FL; 2009

ADF (Avian Development Facility)

    Vellinger JC, Ormsby R, Thomas N, Kennedy D, Hudson D, Todd PW.  Providing an Optimal Environment Utilizing the Avian Development Facility for Research in Microgravity. 31st International Conference On Environmental Systems, Orlando, FL; 2001

AEM (Animal Enclosure Module)

ARED (Advanced Resistive Exercise Device)

    Loehr JA, Lee SM, English KL, Sibonga JD, Smith SM, Spiering BA, Hagan RD.  Musculoskeletal adaptations to training with the advanced resistive exercise device. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. 2011; 43(1): 146-156. DOI: 10.1249/MSS.0b013e3181e4f161. PMID: 20473227.

Actiwatch (Actiwatch)

Actiwatch Spectrum (Actiwatch Spectrum System)

Aquatic Habitat (Aquatic Habitat)

BRIC (Biological Research in Canisters)

    Schultz ER, Zupanska AK, Manning-Roach S, Camacho J, Levine HG, Paul A, Ferl RJ.  Testing the Bio-compatibility of Aluminum PDFU BRIC Hardware. Gravitational and Space Biology. 2012 October; 26(2): 48-63.

BioLab (Biological Experiment Laboratory)

CEVIS (Cycle Ergometer with Vibration Isolation and Stabilization System)

    Moore Jr. AD, Lee SM, Stenger MB, Platts SH.  Cardiovascular Exercise in the U.S. Space Program: Past, Present and Future. Acta Astronautica. 2010 Apr-May; 66(7-8): 974-988. DOI: 10.1016/j.actaastro.2009.10.009.

CGBA (Commercial Generic Bioprocessing Apparatus)

    Hoehn A, Klaus DM, Stodieck LS.  A Modular Suite of Hardware Enabling Space Flight Cell Culture Research. Journal of Gravitational Physiology. 2004; 11(1): 39-50.

CIR (Combustion Integrated Rack - Fluids and Combustion Facility)

CRIM-M (Commercial Refrigerator Incubator Module - Modified)

CellCult (Cell Culturing)

Columbus-EPF (Columbus - External Payload Facility)

EMCS (European Modular Cultivation System)

EXPRESS Racks (EXpedite the PRocessing of Experiments for Space Station Racks)

    Pelfrey JJ, Jordan LP.  An EXPRESS Rack Overview and support for Microgravity Research on the International Space Station (ISS). 46th Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit, Reno, NV; 2008

    Counts SM, Sledd A.  EXPRESS Rack Capabilities and Lessons Learned. Conference and Exhibit on International Space Station Utilization, Cape Canaveral, FL; 2001

EuTEF (European Technology Exposure Facility)

FIR (Fluids Integrated Rack - Fluids and Combustion Facility)

FSL (Fluid Science Laboratory)

GCF (Granada Crystallization Facility)

    Maes D, Decanniere K, Zegers I, Vanhee C, Sleutel M, Willaert R, Van de Weerdt C, Martial J, Declercq J, Evrard C, Otalora Munoz F, Garcia-Ruiz JM.  Protein crystallisation under microgravity conditions: What did we learn on TIM crystallisation from the Soyuz missions?. Microgravity Science and Technology. 2007; XIX-5/6: 90-94.

    Garcia-Ruiz JM, Gonzalez Ramirez LA, Gavira JA, Otalora Munoz F.  Granada Crystallisation Box: a new device for protein crystallisation by counter-diffusion techniques. Acta Crystallographica Section D: Biological Crystallography. 2002 September 26; 58(10): 1638-1642. DOI: 10.1107/S0907444902014464.

    Garcia-Ruiz JM.  Counterdiffusion methods for macromolecular crystallization. Methods in Enzymology. 2003; 368: 130-154. DOI: 10.1016/S0076-6879(03)68008-0. PMID: 14674272.

HRF-1 (Human Research Facility - 1)

J-SSOD (JEM Small Satellite Orbital Deployer)

KFT (Kennedy Space Center Fixation Tube)

    Paul A, Levine HG, McLamb W, Norwood KL, Reed DW, Stutte GW, Wells HW, Ferl RJ.  Plant molecular biology in the space station era: Utilization of KSC fixation tubes with RNAlater. Acta Astronautica. 2005; 56: 623-628.

    Ferl RJ, Zupanska AK, Spinale A, Reed DW, Manning-Roach S, Guerra G, Cox DR, Paul A.  The performance of KSC Fixation Tubes with RNALater for orbital experiments: A case study in ISS operations for molecular biology. Advances in Space Research. 2011; 48(1): 199-206. DOI: 10.1016/j.asr.2011.03.002.

MAMS (Microgravity Acceleration Measurement System)

MARES (Muscle Atrophy Research and Exercise System)

MDS Facility (Mice Drawer System Facility)

MSG (Microgravity Science Glovebox)

    Spivey RA, Jeter LB, Vonk C.  The Microgravity Science Glovebox (MSG), a Resource for Gravity-Dependent Phenomena Research on the International Space Station (ISS). 45th Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit, Reno, NV; 2007

    Spivey RA, Luz PL.  The Microgravity Science Glovebox as a Platform for Exploration Research on the International Space Station. 44th Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit. Reno, NV; 2006

    Spivey RA, Sheredy WA, Flores GN.  An Overview of The Microgravity Science Glovebox (MSG) Facility, and the Gravity-Dependent Phenomena Research Performed in the MSG on the International Space Station. 46th Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit, Reno, NV; 2008

    Morris KB, Spivey RA.  An Overview of the Microgravity Science Glovebox (MSG) Facility, and the Gravity-Dependent Phenomena Research Performed in the MSG on the International Space Station (ISS). 59th International Astronautical Congress. Glasgow, Scotland; 2008

MSRR-1 (Materials Science Research Rack-1)

MVIS (Microgravity Vibration Isolation Subsystem)

NanoRacks Platforms (NanoRacks Platforms)

    Lumpp Jr. JE, Erb DM, Clements TS, Rexroat JT, Johnson MD.  The CubeLab Standard for Improved Access to the International Space Station. 2011 IEEE Aerospace Conference, Big Sky, MT; 2011 March 1-6.

PASC (Portable Astroculture Chamber)

PCBA (Portable Clinical Blood Analyzer - i-STAT)

SAMS-II (Space Acceleration Measurement System-II)

SLAMMD (Space Linear Acceleration Mass Measurement Device)

    Zwart SR, Launius RD, Coen GK, Morgan JL, Charles JB, Smith SM.  Body mass changes during long-duration spaceflight. Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine. 2014 September; 85(9): 897-904. DOI: 10.3357/ASEM.3979.2014.

Solar (Sun Monitoring on the External Payload Facility of Columbus)

TEPC (Tissue Equivalent Proportional Counter)

    Perez-Nunez D, Braby LA.  Replacement Tissue-Equivalent Proportional Counter for the International Space Station. Radiation Protection Dosimetry. 2011; 143(2-4): 394-397. DOI: 10.1093/rpd/ncq409.

TVIS (Treadmill with Vibration Isolation and Stabilization System)

    Belyaev MY, Babkin EV, Ryabukha SB, Ryazantsev AV.  Microperturbations on the International Space Station during physical exercises of the crew. Cosmic Research. 2011 April 16; 49(2): 160-174. DOI: 10.1134/S0010952511010011.

Ultrasound (Human Research Facility Ultrasound on the International Space Station)

WORF (Window Observational Research Facility)

iRED (Interim Resistive Exercise Device)

    Goel , Kaderka , Newman DJ.  Modeling the benefits of an artificial gravity countermeasure coupled with exercise and vibration. Acta Astronautica. 2012; 70: 43-51. DOI: 10.1016/j.actaastro.2011.07.021.