Evaluation of Onboard Diagnostic Kit 2 (ODK2) - 09.17.14

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The investigation, Evaluation of Onboard Diagnostic Kit 2 (ODK2), is a second generation study designed to evaluate several pieces of medical equipment that act as an integrated health monitoring system. Evaluation of the kit includes the real-time collection and downlinking of crewmember medical data for diagnosis and feedback from medical teams on the ground. The ultimate goal of this system is to develop techniques and tools that have the capability of monitoring crewmember health during future long duration space flight.

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The following content was provided by Yoshinori Yoshimura, and is maintained in a database by the ISS Program Science Office.
Information provided courtesy of the Japan Aerospace and Exploration Agency (JAXA).

Experiment Details


Principal Investigator(s)

  • Yoshinori Yoshimura, Tsukuba Space Center, Japan

  • Co-Investigator(s)/Collaborator(s)
  • Satoru Ishida, Tsukuba Space Center, Ibaraki, Japan
  • Hiroshi Ohshima, M.D., Ph.D., Japan Aerospace and Exploration Agency, Ibaraki, Japan
  • Shiho Ogawa, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), Tsukuba, Japan
  • Toshitami Ikeda, Tsukuba Space Center, Ibaraki, Japan
  • Shin Yamada, M.D., Ph.D., Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Tsukuba, Japan
  • Mika Masaki, Tsukuba Space Center, Ibaraki, Japan
  • Tatsuya Aiba, Tsukuba Space Center, Ibaraki, Japan
  • Masayuki Goto, Tsukuba Space Center, Ibaraki, Japan

  • Developer(s)
    Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), Tsukuba, , Japan

    Sponsoring Space Agency
    Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

    Sponsoring Organization
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    Research Benefits
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    ISS Expedition Duration
    September 2012 - March 2013

    Expeditions Assigned

    Previous ISS Missions
    Evaluation of Onboard Diagnostic Kit, Increment 28/29

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    Experiment Description

    Research Overview

    • The medical experiment is one of most important one to stay in space for long duration or to explore the other planet in the future. ISS as a test bed must be served for future exploration techniques. A platform of integrated medical system needs to be constructed.

    • This mission will check out medical equipments(COTS) which are promising for crew’s healthcare or future medical experiments. Onboard Diagnostic Kit consists of noninvasive equipments such as stethoscope and ophthalmoscope(TBD) in view of universal use. This system is capable of measuring, storing and analyzing crew’s medical data. In addition, the medical data will be downlinked in real-time to diagnose by doctor on ground.

    • Onboard Diagnostic Kit will be evaluated, and confirmed its operability and accuracy of the measured data.

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    Space Applications
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    Earth Applications
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    Operational Requirements
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    Operational Protocols
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