S Band Radio Signal Passage Through ISS and Test of Data Downlink (InfoTekh) - 12.03.13

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Experiment Details


Principal Investigator(s)

  • Mikhail Yurievich Belyaev, Energia, Korolev, Russia
  • Co-Investigator(s)/Collaborator(s)

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    Sponsoring Space Agency

    Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos)

    Sponsoring Organization

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    Research Benefits

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    ISS Expedition Duration

    October 2005 - April 2006

    Expeditions Assigned


    Previous ISS Missions

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    Experiment Description

    Research Overview

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    Study of conditions of S band radio signal passage through the ISS, Moscow radio link. Development test of a method of data downlink at a rate of 4MB/s.

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    Space Applications

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    Earth Applications

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    Operational Requirements

    manipulator monoblock, transceiver with antenna on a mechanical adapter (TM/TC unit), onboard computer OBC, cable set.

    Operational Protocols

    Study of characteristics of S band radio signal propagation from the ISS RS through the ISS-Moscow radio link depending on the ionosphere condition, light-shadow situation, ISS distance and attitude. Modification of the ground S band receiving channel and its introduction into hardware/software complex UniScan-36. Organization and conduct of test operations to receive data from the ISS RS in Moscow using the ground hardware/software complex UniScan-36 and onboard TM/TC unit (a transceiver with antenna on a mechanical adapter) of Rokviss hardware. Organization and holding sessions to downlink data with digital images of URAGAN experiment (in case of successful completion of test operations).

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    Results/More Information

    Increase of the channel data flow to downlink data to the ground through the transfer to a higher frequency range of transceivers (S band).

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  • http://www.energia.ru/eng/iss/researches/techn-37.html
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    image Manipulator monoblock.
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    image Tranceiver antenna.
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