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February 12, 2015

Darren Bedell

Darren Bedell, SL (Senior Leader-SES equivalent)
Technical Integration Manager, Launch Services Development
Launch Services Program

Darren Bedell is the program technical integration manager, reporting to the NASA Launch Services Program manager.  He is responsible for managing program policies and processes to ensure program elements, including technical, budget and schedule, are integrated. He manages the program technical oversight policy, launch vehicle risk mitigation (i.e. certification) policy and plan, and the program risk management plan.  In addition, he establishes the program requirements and implementation strategy for unique agency launch arrangements and manages these arrangements for the program manager.

He has had significant involvement in over 100 missions in various leadership roles over a 29-year career in launch vehicles.  Previously, Bedell served four years as one of two LSP chief engineers responsible for technical decision authority for NASA’s Launch Services Program (LSP).  He has technical expertise in launch vehicle systems engineering, with specialties in spacecraft interface requirements, hardware qualification, structural/mechanical design and risk management.   He was instrumental in the successful consolidation of the Launch Services Program and its move to Kennedy Space Center in 1998.  He has held positions as both the LSP division chief for engineering (1999-2002) and as the chief of mission integration (1998-1999).

From 1991 to 1998, Bedell worked in the Boeing Huntington Beach facility as a NASA mission integration manger for the NASA Goddard Orbital Launch Services Project.  During that time, Bedell worked end-to-end integration of over 10 missions.

Prior to that, Bedell spent five years as a McDonnell Douglas structural design engineer for the Delta launch vehicle, working on payload attach fittings and fairings.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in engineering from the University of California San Diego.

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