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research vessel Knorr

Voyage to Explore Sea Saltiness, Climate Link

A NASA-sponsored expedition is set to sail to the North Atlantic's saltiest spot to see how salinity variations are related to global rainfall shifts.

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Artist concept of Aquarius for an interactive program

Got Salt? NASA's Salt Mapper Toasts First Birthday

To mark its first birthday, a new interactive feature lets you get up close and personal with NASA’s Aquarius mission to study ocean salinity and ...

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Tie-dyed ocean map around gray land masses and a black background.

Ocean Salinity Pathfinder Celebrates One Year in Orbit

It's been a busy first year in space for Aquarius, NASA's pioneering instrument to measure ocean surface salinity from orbit.

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First global map of the salinity, or saltiness, of Earth’s ocean surface produced by NASA's new Aquarius instrument

Aquarius Yields NASA's First Map of Ocean Salinity

NASA's new Aquarius instrument has produced its first global map of the salinity of the ocean surface, providing an early glimpse of the mission's ...

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Artist concept of Aquarius spacecraft

Aquarius Makes First Ocean Salt Measurements

NASA's Aquarius instrument has successfully completed its commissioning phase and is now "tasting" the saltiness of Earth's ocean surface, making ...

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