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Cultural Resource Management

NASA Saturn V rocket during launch.

CRM is the management of historic architectural and archeological resources. Architectural resources mainly refer to real property, such as buildings, test stands, launch pads, etc. It can also ...

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Archeological findings.

Archeological resources are defined as any material remains of past human life or activities that are of archaeological interest, as determined under uniform regulations promulgated pursuant to the ...

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National Historic Landmarks

View of the Vehicle Assembly Building.

A National Historic Landmark (NHL) is a district, site, building, structure or object, in public or private ownership, officially recognized to have exceptional value or quality to the national ...

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Historic Preservation

NASA's first Headquarters Building in Washington D.C.

Once a site is destroyed, it is lost forever, which is why it is so important to preserve our national heritage in the United States. Past activities enable us to understand social and political ...

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  • Jennifer Groman

    NASA Appoints New Federal Preservation Officer

    NASA welcomes Jennifer Groman as the new Federal Preservation Officer effective January, 18 2011. Ms. Groman brings to the position her technical expertise in historic preservation and a strong understanding of the challenges associated with Federal Agency roles as stewards of the nation’s physical reminders of our distant and not-so distant past.

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  • CRM Map

    National Historic Landmarks Map

    The National Historic Landmarks map displays all of NASA's Historic Properties throughout the Agency in a fun, interactive format.

  • Documents

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    The NASA History Office serves two key functions: widely disseminating aerospace information and helping NASA managers to understand and learn from past successes and failures.

  • NASA Cultural Resource Geographical Information Systems

    NASA Cultural Resources GIS  →

    Explore NASA's Cultural Resources with NASA's Geographical Information Systems Team!