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Strategic Knowledge Gaps (SKGs)
January 10, 2013

Strategic Knowledge Gaps, or SKGs, represent gaps in knowledge or information required to reduce risk, increase effectiveness, and improve the design of robotic and human space exploration missions. NASA uses SKGs to help inform research and investment strategies, and prioritize technology development for human and robotic exploration.

NASA enlisted the expertise of three analysis groups — the Lunar Exploration Analysis Group (LEAG), the Mars Exploration Program Analysis Group (MEPAG), and the Small Bodies Assessment Group (SBAG).

The lists of SKGs will remain living documents, being updated as needed based on ongoing efforts by the analysis/assessment groups requested by NASA.

Download the Strategic Knowledge Gap lists for lunar, Mars, and small body missions:
Strategic Knowledge Gaps for the "Moon First" Human Exploration Scenario (444 KB PDF)
Strategic Knowledge Gaps Associated with Potential Human Missions to the Martian System (711 KB PDF)
NEO/Phobos/Deimos Strategic Knowledge Gaps (1.3 MB PDF)

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