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Human Research Program Documents
April 5, 2013
  • Integrated Research Plan - The Integrated Research Plan (IRP) describes the portfolio of Human Research Program (HRP) research and technology tasks. The IRP is the HRP strategic and tactical plan for research necessary to meet HRP requirements.
  • HRP Science Management Plan - The Human Research Program Requirements defines, documents, and allocates the Human Research Program (HRP) requirements to the HRP Program Elements. It also establishes the flow-down of requirements from the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate (ESMD) and Office of the Chief Health and Medical Officer (OCHMO) to the various HRP Program Elements to ensure that human research and technology countermeasure investments support the delivery of countermeasures and technologies that satisfy ESMD's and OCHMO's exploration mission requirements.
  • HRP Program Plan - The Program Plan establishes the HRP program goals and objectives and provides overall management direction to the program.
  • Evidence Book - The purpose of the HRP Evidence Book is to present the evidence base for potential astronaut health and performance risks on future exploration missions.
  • ISS Utilization Plan - The International Space Station, as an orbiting, microgravity laboratory, provides an invaluable platform to secure knowledge, test countermeasures, and evaluate technologies important for the development and validation of risk mitigation techniques for exploration missions.
  • HRP Response to Decadal Survey - The NASA response to the Decadal Survey focused on providing a snap shot of current investments. This document supplements that report by providing additional information about the past, present and future plan for high priority recommendations (Table 13.1 on pages 13-9 through 13-15 of the Decadal Survey) within the domain of HRP.


Human Research Program Annual Reports

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