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Why Do We Explore?
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Research Information: Analogs

Astronauts Prepare for Simulations

NASA’s Human Research Program scientists and engineers work to identify, understand, and lessen the risks that humans encounter in space. However, the process of carrying out these studies can be logistically challenging, since the amount of data available from space travel is limited.

In order to conduct the kind of studies that can help improve the safety and productivity of space travel, the HRP has established a number of experimental facilities known as “analogs” that mimic environmental conditions in space. These analogs allow HRP researchers and engineers to gain insight into the challenges that crewmembers face in the space environment and to develop and assess new technologies and protocols.

Analog Field Tests

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Research Opportunities

NSBRI Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
Fellowships will be competitively available for two years in any laboratory in the United States carrying out ground-based, space-related biomedical/biotechnological research in accordance with the NSBRI's goals.
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NASA Postdoctoral Program
The NASA Postdoctoral Program (NPP) offers unique research opportunities to highly talented national and international individuals to engage in ongoing NASA research programs at a NASA Center, NASA Headquarters, or at a NASA-affiliated research institution.
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HRP Analog Documents

Human Research Program Analog documents available for download:
Analog Study Resource Worksheet
NEEMO 15 Study Gate Schedule
D-RATS 2011 Study Gate Schedule

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