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Commercial Crew

Commercial Crew LogoNASA's Commercial Crew Program is an innovative partnership to help the United States industry develop space transportation systems that can safely launch astronauts to the International Space Station and other low-Earth orbit destinations.
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Commercial Crew & Cargo Program Office

The Commercial Crew & Cargo Program will extend human presence in space by enabling an expanding and robust U.S. commercial space transportation industry.
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Document Library

Reports and documents from NASA's Commercial Spaceflight Development Division.
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Provides leadership, expertise and cost-effective services in the commercial arena to satisfy Agencywide space transportation requirements and maximize the opportunity for mission success.

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Why Commercialize Space?

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Commercial space transportation is a vital component to the future of human space exploration. As NASA charts a new course to send humans deeper into space than ever before, we are stimulating efforts within the private sector to develop and operate safe, reliable and affordable commercial space transportation systems.

Commercial Crew U.S. Impact

U.S. Map showing states with commercial partners and suppliers
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See suppliers for NASA's Commercial Crew Program in 33 states, working to get American astronauts back into space on U.S.-led spacecraft and rockets.

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