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Women at NASA -- Dream Big!

Women at NASA embody the theme of 2015 Women’s History Month, Weaving the Stories of Women’s Lives, through their accomplishments and dedication to their jobs. They serve as role models to young women in their pursuit of careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Read about the accomplishments of some of NASA’s women engineers, scientists, educators, interns and others.

Sally RideWho Was Sally Ride?
The first American woman to go into space flew on the space shuttle in 1983.
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Katherine JohnsonKatherine Johnson: A Lifetime of STEM
This former NASA employee is a living testimony to everything good that STEM can bring.

Nancy Roman with a model of the Orbiting Solar Observatory in 1962Nancy Roman -- Chief of NASA’s Astronomy and Relativity Programs (Retired)
Roman was involved in planning a program of satellites and rockets along with members of the nation’s astronomical community.

Roscosmos cosmonaut Yelena Serova and ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti float inside the International Space StationWomen in Space Part Two, What’s Gender Got to Do With It?
In this entry for the ‘A Lab Aloft’ blog, guest blogger Liz Warren, Ph.D., looks at the differences between male and female astronaut physiology on long-duration space missions.

About 40 women stand in a groupCuriosity Rover Team Celebrates Women in STEM
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory celebrates Women's Curiosity Day to honor the female engineers and scientists doing most of mission's 90-plus roles.

NASA Chemical Engineer Annie Caraccio reviews data from experimentsNASA Engineer Pioneering Research for Future Explorers
After participating in NASA's Co-Op Program for three semesters, chemical engineer Annie Caraccio is involved in revolutionary research at Kennedy Space Center.

Anne Thompson poses on a rooftop with various remote sensing equipmentAnne Thompson -- Adventures in the Atmosphere
Research scientist Anne Thompson describes her career as an adventure in various ozone layers.

Margot Lee Shetterly standing at a podiumFrom Computers to Leaders: Women at NASA Langley
Author Margot Lee Shetterly visited NASA Langley recently to talk about the historic role of women at the center.

Carol HamiltonThe Full SPECTRUM
For the past 23 years, Project Safety Manager Carol Hamilton has been helping young kids through a free youth development program.

Rebecca VieyraDemystifying Physics via Aeronautics
Rebecca Vieyra works hard to help students understand the world around them. As an Einstein Fellow with NASA, she is gaining new perspectives on education and is sharing her passion and expertise with educators around the world.

Leesa Hubbard stands at the front of a classroomContinuing to Inspire
An Einstein Fellowship at NASA Headquarters in 2002 has led educator Leesa Hubbard to an extended adventure in space education.

Melinda Higgins poses in front of a statue of Albert EinsteinSTEM Up to the Challenge
After years of encouraging her students to take academic risks, Einstein Fellow Melinda Higgins decided it was time to take a chance and step up for STEM.

Jennifer KennedyExpanding Horizons as an Einstein Fellow
Educator Jennifer Kennedy is making new connections and gaining new perspectives with NASA's Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate.

JPL intern Jessica Nuñez observes hydrothermal chimneys in the laboratoryPassion for Learning
Planetary science intern Jessica Nuñez plunges into new experiences -- and new worlds -- researching how life may have emerged.

NASA intern Kassidy McLaughlin sits at a computer consoleEyeing the Future: NASA Intern Supports UAS Studies
Kassidy McLaughlin’s expertise with an eye-tracking system will help pave the way for integration of remotely piloted aircraft into U.S. airspace.

NASA intern Qi’Anne Knox speaks with an attendee at a poster sessionNASA Intern Profile Video: Qi’Anne Knox
Musically inclined intern Qi'Anne Knox spent the summer working with the information technology group at Goddard Space Flight Center.

Clara Wright at a desk with multiple computer monitorsInterest in Problem Solving Led to Engineering Career at Kennedy
From an early age, Clara Wright has been fascinated with solving problems. Today, she is a materials engineer at NASA's Kennedy Space Center.

Natalie Joseph sits at a broadcast deskNew Passion for Inspiring Others
A NASA internship shows Longwood University student Natalie Joseph that opportunities in media are not limited to traditional journalism.

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