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Early Career Faculty (ECF)

The Early Career Faculty (ECF) component of the Space Technology Research Grants Program awards grants to accredited U.S. universities on behalf of outstanding faculty researchers early in their careers. ECF challenges early career faculty to examine the theoretical feasibility of ideas and approaches that are critical to making science, space travel, and exploration more effective, affordable, and sustainable. Awards result from successful proposals to the ECF Appendix to the SpaceTech-REDDI NASA Research Announcement.  The ECF Appendix is expected to be released at least biannually and will feature specific topics.  Awards are expected to be a maximum of three years in duration and the typical award amount is $200K/year.

STRO Early Career Faculty ECF 2015 Awards
STRO Early Career Faculty ECF 2014 Awards
STRO Early Career Faculty ECF 2012 Awards

ECF Past Solicitations:
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