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NASA's Testing Saucer-Shaped Designs for Mars Landing  →
The objects resemble flying saucers, but actually are designed to help spacecraft slow down after screaming into the Martian atmosphere.

NASA Debuts Saucer-Shaped Test Vehicle For Future Mars Missions  →
It's not exactly a flying saucer, but a new lightweight spacecraft from NASA soon hopes to reach the skies of distant planets in our solar system.

NASA's Tiny 'PhoneSats' From Smartphones Show Promise  →
PhoneSats have a future — perhaps as low-cost weather satellites or Earth-observation platforms.

CMG Research Showing Promise For Spacesuit Stability  →
Advances in CMG and battery technologies as well as computer algorithms are merging with NASA’s human deep-space exploration ambitions to drive the work.

Administrator Bolden and Rep. Honda Check Out PhoneSats at NASA Ames  →
During the PhoneSats brief stint in space, they communicated with ground stations and even managed to send back photos of the earth.

"Comet Biter" Developed
Mexican engineer obtains support to bring to Earth samples of dust and rocks.

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