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Centennial Challenges 
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Past Centennial Challenges

Link to Power Beaming ChallengePower Beaming
This challenge was a practical demonstration of wireless power transmission.

Link to Strong TetherStrong Tether
This was a challenge in materials engineering in which the tether provided by each team is subjected to a pull test.

Link to Green FlightGreen Flight
The Green Flight Challenge was for super-efficient, quiet, and safe aircraft that could average at least 100 mph on a 200-mile flight while achieving an efficiency equivalent to at least 200 passenger miles per gallon.

Link to Lunar LanderLunar Lander
The Lunar Lander Challenge involved building and flying a rocket-powered vehicle that simulated the flight of a vehicle on the moon.

Link to Regolith ExcavationRegolith Excavation
In this challenge, teams designed and built robotic machines to excavate simulated lunar soil (regolith).

Link to Astronaut GloveAstronaut Glove
The Astronaut Glove Challenge sought improvements to glove design that would reduce the effort needed to perform tasks in space and improve the durability of the glove.

Link to MoonROxMoonROx
In this challenge, teams were required to generate breathable oxygen from simulated lunar soil.

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