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International Space Life Sciences Working Group

The International Space Life Sciences Working Group (ISLSWG) works to bring agencies together to provide more complete coordination of international development and use of spaceflight and special ground research facilities. It does this by identifying the agencies' mutual interests and programmatic compatibilities, enhancing communication, and encouraging a unified effort among and between the participating space life sciences communities around the world.

ISLSWG Leadership

     Permanent Co-Chair: NASA, Marshall Porterfield
     Rotating Co-Chair (2014): CNES, Francois Spiero
     Executive Secretary: CSA, Nicole Buckley

Public Documents and Links
     International Space Life Sciences Working Group Charter
     Strategic Plan and Appendicies
     Future ISLSWG Meeting Hosts
     ISLSWG Emblem and Poster
     8th International Workshop on Space Microbiology -- Osaka, Japan, May 2013
     International Cardiovascular Workshop, International Space University (ISU), Strasbourg, France, October 30-31, 2008      (480 MB ZIP containing all presentation materials and documents)

Member Only Meeting Minutes, Presentations and Documents
Please note all links below are for ISLSWG members only and require a username/password.
     ISLSWG Arrangement (October 2002)
     ISLSWG Arrangement Extension (April 2012)
     ILSRA 2009 Working Group Mandate (25 KB PPT)

ISLSWG sub-groups
     International Analogues (draft)
     International Countermeasures

Miscellaneous Information
     ISLSWG Brochure and Folder Files (2005)
     ISLSWG Agency Status Template

Meeting Document Packages
The links to specific meetings below are zip archives containing all of the documents and presentations for that meeting. The files are 10-500 MB in size.
     May 2015, Turin, Italy
     December 2014, Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA
     June 2014, Brussels, Belgium
     November 2013 Montreal, Canada
     May 2013, Osaka, Japan
     October 2012, Montigny-Le-Bretonneux, France
     April 2012, Oberpfaffenhoffen, Germany
     October 2011, Sonoma, California, USA
     June 2011, Matera, Italy
     October 2010, Makuhari, Japan
     June 2010, Trieste, Italy
     April 2012, Berlin, Germany (replaced with telecon)
     November 2009, Lacanau-Ocean/Bordeaux, France
     May 2009, Quebec City, Canada
     October 2008, Gengenbach, Germany
     April 2008, Kiev, Ukraine
     October 2007, Cape Canaveral, USA
     April 2007, Rome, Italy
     October 2006, Barcelona, Spain
     April 2006, Tokyo, Japan
     September 2005, St. Hubert, Quebec, Canada
     July 2005, Frascati, Italy (Joint International Working Group (JIWG) Meeting)
     March 2005, Monterey California, USA
     October 2004, Kyiv, Ukraine
     June, 2004, Strasbourg, France
     October 2003, Rottach-Egern, Germany
     April 2003, Catania, Italy
     September 2002, Tsukuba, Japan
     December 2001, Cape Canaveral FL

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