The Purpose of SFA

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The Purpose of SFA


The Space Flight Awareness (SFA) Program is a NASA-managed motivational and recognition program with invited representation from NASA and contractors having major responsibilities for human spaceflight mission success. The SFA program is managed by NASA Headquarters Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate.

Mission Statement

To ensure that each and every employee involved in human space flight is aware of the importance of their role in promoting astronaut safety and mission success in the critical, challenging task of flying humans in the hostile environment of space by communicating and educating the Government/industry workforce about human space flight.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Space Flight Awareness (SFA) Plan is to establish annual SFA Program goals and objectives to:

  • Improve employee awareness on the importance of their role in promoting safety, quality and mission success.
  • Conduct events that motivate and recognize the workforce and improve employee morale.
  • Function as an internal communications team to disseminate key program safety, quality and mission messages.
  • Increase awareness of the Space Flight Program accomplishments, milestones and objectives with a focus on safety and mission success.
  • Maintain supplier motivational and recognition programs.

Background of Space Flight Awareness

NASA established the Space Flight Awareness Program in 1963. The SFA Program (previously known as the MFA Program) became a formal program following the Mercury and Gemini Programs, when NASA took steps to infuse the space program with a renewed and strengthened consciousness of quality and flight safety. As NASA human space flight programs grew, NASA centers were requested to expand their assistance to government agencies and contractors in enhancing employee motivation.

As it grew in stature, the SFA Program played an integral and increasingly forceful role in the Apollo, Skylab, and Apollo-Soyuz projects. By the time the Space Shuttle was flying, the program had begun to promote its goals through various motivational vehicles: Awards, films, publications, posters, and an array of pins, buttons, banners, and decals.

Since its inception, SFA's mission has been to ensure that all employees involved in human space flight are aware of the impact their actions can have on astronaut safety and mission success. During this time, thousands of individuals have been recognized for their contributions to the success of NASA's programs. 

As NASA enters into a new era of space exploration, the SFA team is working diligently to keep our workforce, at all levels, aware of the impact their contributions make our Space Program.


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