SFA Awards and Criteria

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SFA Awards and Criteria

SFA Silver Snoopy Award
This is the astronauts' personal award. To qualify for this award, eligible candidates will have made contributions toward enhancing the probability of mission success.

SFA Team Award
This award recognizes small groups of employees that have demonstrated exemplary teamwork while accomplishing a particular task or goal in support of the human spaceflight program.

SFA Honoree Award
This award is one of the highest presented to NASA and industry and is for first-level management and below. This award is presented to employees for their dedication to quality work and flight safety.

SFA Management Award
This award recognizes proactive mid-level managers who consistently demonstrate loyalty, empowerment, accountability, diversity, excellence, respect, sharing, honesty and integrity.

SFA Flight Safety Award
This award recognizes significant, outstanding, individual or team contributions related to the prevention of anything that could lead to a catastrophic mishap to the vehicle, crew, or mission.

SFA Supplier Award
This annual award honors outstanding performance by hardware, software, or service suppliers who support NASA human space flight programs.

SFA Trailblazer Award
This award recognizes employees who are in the early stages of their career. Awardees must demonstrate strong work ethic and creative, innovative thinking in support of human spaceflight.

SFA Special Local Award
This award is used to recognize local employees for their dedication to quality work and flight safety and mission success.


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