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NASA MIssionsSCaN supports over 100 NASA and non-NASA missions. Some missions look down at the Earth and observe changes; others observe the Sun’s influence on the Earth; some study the Moon and the planets, while others study the origins of the universe.

Missions Supported by SCaN

  • Earth

    The Earth is a complex system that is not completely understood. These missions aim to dissect how each component interacts with the other.
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  • Solar System

    The sun sustains life on Earth but also can harm it with its particles and radiation. These missions aim to understand the interaction between the Earth and the Sun.
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  • Universe

    Is there life on other planets? These missions aim to explore the surface and composition of each of the planets and beyond.
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  • Other

    Launch vehicles help launch satellites into space in order to explore the universe.
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  • Historical

    These spacecraft have completed their mission and have provided more insight on how the universe works.
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