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Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate Public Documents

The documents made available here have been authorized for public use by the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate.

NASA Exploration Destinations, Goals, and International Collaboration
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Voyages: Charting the Course for Sustainable Human Space Exploration
This report articulates NASA's multi-destination human space exploration strategy using a capability-driven approach.
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NASA's Recommendations to Space-Faring Entities: How to Protect and Preserve the Historic and Scientific Value of U.S. Government Lunar Artifacts
This report is written to inform lunar spacecraft mission planners interested in helping preserve and protect lunar historic artifacts and potential science opportunities for future missions.
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Human Exploration of Mars Design Reference Architecture 5.0
The human exploration of Mars would be a complex undertaking. It is an enterprise that would confirm the potential for humans to leave our home planet and make our way deep outward into the cosmos. Though just a small step on a cosmic scale, it would be a significant one for humans, because it would require leaving Earth on a long mission with very limited return capability. The strategy and implementation concepts that are described in these documents should not be viewed as constituting a formal plan for the human exploration of Mars. Instead, these documents provide a reference for integration between multiple agency efforts including Mars robotic missions, research that is conducted on the International Space Station, as well as future lunar exploration missions and systems.
› Download the Mars Design Reference Architecture 5.0 (NASA SP-2009-566) (3.7 MB PDF)
› Download an executive summary of the the Mars Design Reference Architecture 5.0 (15.9 MB PDF)
› Download an addendum to the Mars Design Reference Architecture 5.0 (35.5 MB PDF)
› Download Addendum # 2 to the Mars Design Reference Architecture 5.0 (62.3 MB PDF)

The International Space Exploration Coordination Group and the Global Exploration Roadmap
In August 2013, NASA and 11 other ISECG member agencies released an update to the 2011 Global Exploration Roadmap. The updated document reflects ongoing dialog and continued preparation for exploration beyond low-Earth orbit – beginning with the International Space Station and expanding human presence throughout the solar system, leading to human missions to the surface of Mars.
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SLS and Orion MPCV National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Activities
NASA has conducted a review of the Constellation PEIS and ROD in the context of the Orion MPCV and SLS programs. View the PEIS, 2008 ROD and 2011 Modified ROD.
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Fundamental Space Biology Science Plan
This Fundamental Space Biology Science Plan provides a roadmap for what Fundamental Space Biology activities should be conducted and when for the 2010-2020 decade of the 21st century.
› Download the Fundamental Space Biology Science Plan (7.4 MB PDF)


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