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Spacewalk Clean Up, Science and Emergency Training for Station Crew
July 18, 2013


The Expedition 36 crew members were busy with a number of post-spacewalk clean up duties and science experiments aboard the International Space Station on Thursday. They also participated in an emergency training drill and continued the on-going maintenance of the systems aboard the orbiting laboratory.

Flight Engineers Luca Parmitano of the European Space Agency and Chris Cassidy of NASA ended their spacewalk at 9:29 a.m. EDT on Tuesday, only 1 hour, 32 minutes into the planned 6 1/2 hour venture after Parmitano reported a buildup of water inside his helmet. 

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Flight contol teams on the ground continue to evaluate data collected during spacesuit troubleshooting efforts conducted Wednesday by Parmitano to determine the cause of the leak.

Cassidy continued his post-spacewalk clean up duties in the Quest airlock Thursday, stowing and reconfiguring tools and equipment used during Tuesday’s excursion.


Parmitano performed maintenance and installations in the Biological Experiment Laboratory (Biolab) in the Columbus laboratory. Biolab is a multiuser research facility used to perform space biology experiments on microorganisms, cells, tissue cultures, small plants, and small invertebrates. BioLab allows scientists to gain a better understanding of the effects of microgravity and space radiation on biological organisms.

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Flight Engineer Karen Nyberg worked on the installation and activation of a fluorescense microscope in the Multipurpose Small Payload Rack in the Destiny laboratory. She also worked on replacing a cable in a fluids experiment rack in the Japanese “Kibo” laboratory that transmits imagery from the experiments, eventually to scientists on Earth.

Commander Pavel Vinogradov and Flight Engineer Alexander Misurkin transferred trash and other unneeded items into the docked ISS Progress 50 resupply vehicle. Progress 50 is scheduled to undock from the station on July 25 for a destructive re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere, making room for the arrival of the ISS Progress 52 resupply vehile set for July 27.

Vinogradov and Flight Engineer Fyodor Yurchikhin worked with the BAR experiment, which looks at methods and instruments for detecting the location of an air leak from one of the station’s modules.

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All six station residents participated in an emergency simulation drill. The onboard training allows the crew to practice communication and coordination skills during a simulated emergency scenario. The station residents practiced the drill in conjunction with the mission control centers in Houston and Moscow. Afterwards the crew huddled together for a ground conference to review the results.

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Flight Engineer Chris Cassidy
Flight Engineer Chris Cassidy performs post-spacewalk clean up duties in the Quest airlock on the International Space Station. Credit: NASA TV
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Flight Engineer Karen Nyberg
Flight Engineer Karen Nyberg works in the Kibo laboratory of the International Space Station. Credit: NASA TV
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