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Project Tango on SPHERES
March 26, 2014


Project Tango is a new system from smartphones to virtualize the world we live in to bring new applications and uses never before seen. More information can be found directly from google below:


In a partnership between NASA and Google, a project Tango development phone will be used with the SPHERES satellites inside the International Space Station (ISS). Project Tango will allow SPHERES to leave the limited domain dictated by the metrology system which uses ultrasound and infrared light to communicate its position. This will allow the satellite to explore the rest of the station and use new software algorithms to map the world around the SPHERES. This technology could be the next stepping stone to making a more independent robotic system to assist astronauts in daily activities. The Project Tango phone has been specially modified for the SPHERES by splitting the device in half allowing both the interface and camera systems to be on one side for the user to interface with.

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