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NASA TV on Satellite AMC-18C
January 28, 2014

NASA TV is available in continental North America, Alaska and Hawaii on AMC-18C. A Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) compliant Integrated Receiver Decoder (IRD) is needed for reception. Below are parameters for each channel:

Uplink provider = AMC 18 C
Transponder = 3C
105 degrees W
Downlink Frequency: 3760 MHz
Downlink Polarity: Vertical
Transmission Format = DVB-S, 4:2:0
FEC = ¾
Data Rate = 38.80 Mbps
Symbol Rate = 28.0681
Modulation: QPSK/DVB-S

NTV-1 Programming:
HD Program = 101 (HQ1)
Compression Format = MPEG-2
Video PID = 0x111 hex / 273 decimal
AC-3 PID = 0x115 hex / 277 decimal
MPEG I Layer II Audio PID = 0x114 hex / 276decimal

NTV-2 Programming:
SD Program = 102 (HQ2)
Compression Format = MPEG-2
Video PID = 0x121 hex / 289 decimal
AC-3 Audio PID = 0x124 hex /292 decimal
MPEG I Layer II Audio PID = 0x125 /293 decimal 

NTV-3 Programming:
HD Program = 103 (HQ3)
Compression Format = MPEG-4
Video PID = 0x1031 hex / 4145 decimal
AC-3 Audio PID = 0x1035 hex /4149 decimal
MPEG I Layer II Audio PID = 0x1034 hex /4148 decimal 

NASA LIMS (Live Satellite Interviews) Now KU-Band*

NASA’s Live Interactive Media Service (LIMS) has moved to KU-Band service. KU-Band parameters are provided prior to each event. NASA will schedule each LIMS event on a satellite in proximity of AMC18 whenever possible.

Uplink provider = TBD
Transponder = TBD

Bandwidth = 18 MHz
Transmission Format = DVB-S, 4:2:0
Data Rate = 12 Mbps
Modulation: QPSK/DVB-S
MPEG-4 encoding (MPEG-2 available upon request)
HD 16x9
*C-Band LIMS service is not available.

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