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NASA Announces Third International Space Apps Challenge

[image-51]NASA and other space agencies around the world are preparing for next year's third annual International Space Apps Challenge, in which participants develop mobile applications, software, hardware, data visualization and platform solutions that could contribute to space exploration missions and help improve life on Earth.

The 2014 challenge will be held April 12-13. Organizers will begin accepting applications in November for challenges to be released in March, one month before the event.

The event is designed to demonstrate commitment to the principles of open innovation through the use of open data and technology to address global needs; encourage citizens in countries with little or no investments in space exploration to contribute to the cause; promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics education; and encourage international partnership and mutual understanding.

The 2013 International Space Apps Challenge in April drew more than 9,000 participants in 83 cities around the world. They collaborated to create 770 solutions.

“This global collaboration provides a unique opportunity to design innovative solutions and advance technology while engaging citizens worldwide in software development, citizen science, hardware, and data visualization," said Deborah Diaz, NASA's deputy chief information officer. "By creating a culture of openness and collectively contributing skills and exciting new ideas, the technology solutions created could improve life on Earth and in space. This year’s event sparked some incredible insight and innovation beyond what the challenge definers could have ever hoped for."

In 2014, half the challenges will come from NASA and represent its major mission directorates and other key investments, and half will come from other organizations, such as space agencies, industry and global partners.

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