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NASA 2014 Space Technology Research Opportunities for Early Career Faculty
July 21, 2014

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Principal Investigator University Research Topic
Conklin, John University Of Florida A compact, low power pulsed optical communication system for spacecraft
Dollar, Aaron Yale University Digital Manufacturing of Lightweight and Efficient Structures via Reconfigurable Lattice Printing
Hansen, Christopher University Of Massachusetts, Lowell Design and Fabrication of Aerospace-Grade Digital Composite Materials
Killpack, Marc Brigham Young University Model Predictive Control of an Underdamped, Pneumatically Actuated, Soft Robot with Flexible Links for Unmodeled Environments
Klamkin, Jonathan Boston University HELIOS: Heterogeneous Laser Transmitter Integration for Low SWaP
Kramer, Rebecca Purdue University Active Elastic Skins for Soft Robotics
Majidi, Carmel Carnegie Mellon University Multi-Purpose Artificial Muscle and Sensor Array for Untethered Soft Robots


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