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Glenn Education - Terry Peterson
July 10, 2013

Terry D. Peterson

Job Title:
Multi-Media Producer (NASA Explorer Schools)

What that means:
Responsible for the creation and production of all digital media assets for Education Professional Development.

What I do:
I work with Education Specialists, Subject Matter Experts to develop digital teaching resources to assist teachers in conveying STEM concepts and applications in the classroom.

The most interesting part of my job is:
What I enjoy most is talking with a wide variety of experts ranging from Astrophysicists to Astronauts.   The topics are current and very dynamic.  My biggest challenge is taking  extremely high level subjects and distilling it down to information that is engaging and at a level  at which students can relate.

My favorite project that I have worked, or that I am working on, is:
My favorite project continues to be “NASA Now”.  This 5 – 7 minute program gives students insight in the fascinating world of NASA and allows them an opportunity to hear firsthand from the people who are doing the science.  “NASA Now” is an excellent education resource for teachers to peek their student’s interest about STEM related stories.  The challenge of keeping the program interesting, fast moving and visually appealing makes “NASA Now” a real fun project to produce. 

The accomplishment that I am most proud of is:
NASA Now received an Emmy Award in 2012, and has also received three Telly Awards, and two Houston Worldfest Awards since its inception.

A Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education helped me by:
You would wonder how someone in TV could benefit from STEM but in producing digital education assets for NASA you have to understand STEM.  Otherwise if I am interviewing a subject matter expert and I have no clue what they are talking about it is going to be difficult to convey information to teachers and students.  My STEM background gives me enough of a foundation that I can engage in conversation with the different scientists, engineers and researchers to gain greater insight into subjects that will be presented in classrooms and online. 

Good advice for students, including STEM students, is:
Never settle for just getting by.  Set your goals and aim to realize your full potential.  School is the place to learn, to explore and benefit from the knowledge of your teachers and peers.  Make the most of the time you are in school and most importantly find what you love and excel.

How do you "dream big” ?:
I “dream big” by always wondering what’s over the next horizon.  How will technology that I use today be different next year and what kind of opportunities will emerge.

Who inspires you to "dream big”?:
I am inspired by my peers, colleague and those that went before me.  There is a standard of excellence to which I subscribe that has been created by the work of those I most admire.

What do you do to inspire others to "dream big”?:
I bring to life stories from real people who dream big every day.  By sharing our dreams with each other we broaden our horizons and create a world full of possibilities.

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Terry Peterson
Terry Peterson
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