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Glenn Education - Jomill Wiley
July 15, 2013

Jomill N. Wiley

Job Title:
NASA SEMAA Lead, Senior Project Coordinator

What that means:
Manage and oversee operations of Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Aerospace Academy for students in grades K-12

What I do:
Work collaboratively with the SEMAA national team at the GRC’s EPO and support efforts of 15 SEMAA site directors and their key staff around the nation to ensure effective implementation

The most interesting part of my job is:
Visiting the SEMAA sites across the nation that exist in culturally rich communities such as the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota; Martinsville City Schools in Martinsville, Virginia (home of NASCAR); the Fernbank Science Center in Atlanta, Georgia; Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland; and New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, Mexico.  I really enjoy meeting the participants and staff as well as observing teaching and learning in action.

My favorite project that I have worked, or that I am working on, is:
I enjoy many aspects of the project, but I’d have to say that helping sites to organize outreach events that engages their community in STEM activities is my favorite project (s)- especially when I am able to attend the culminating event.   

The accomplishment that I am most proud of is: 
Completing my doctoral course work and being a valued member of my family.

A Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education helped me by: 
A lot of people don't realize the role STEM plays in their everyday life. STEM education helped me to think critically, which allowed me to appreciate technology but perhaps more importantly how to improve the present technology. It is the "how" factor which led me down my educational path.

Good advice for students, including STEM students, is:
Break down the barriers! All students can be successful at varying or all aspects of STEM.  The first step is participating in activities where you get to “see” and “do” STEM in action.  The second step is carrying the enthusiasm from those experiences into your formal academic setting.   

How do you "dream big”?: 
I always set goals with the intention of exceeding them; I choose my settings for work and play with care… AND most importantly, I only bring people along on my journey that “believe and achieve “in whatever it may be!

What do you do to inspire others to "dream big”?:
I encourage them to be deliberate in their choices for life’s journey and to understand who they are and what they bring to the table (self actualization).  Also, I share the story of tenacity and how if you first don’t succeed…TRY…TRY AGAIN!

What do you do to inspire others to "dream big”?:
Personally, I advocate for bully prevention in K-12 institutions by volunteering my time to speak to educators and parents at conferences and workshops  regarding how they can be a part of the solution.  I believe that when bullying occurs that it can negatively impact academic performance.  Also, I participate in NASA outreach activities that encourage students to consider exciting career paths in STEM.

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Jomill Wiley
Jomil Wiley, Glenn Education
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