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SMAP -- Studying soil moisture.

GPM -- Next-generation measurements of global snow and rain. 

ISS-Rapidscat -- Monitoring ocean winds.

CATS -- Observing pollution, dust and smoke in the atmosphere.

OCO-2 -- Measuring atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Climate Change

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NASA's website on global climate change.

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NASA's Earth Observatory

Images and stories about climate and the environment that emerge from NASA research.
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Know Your Earth

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'Know Your Earth' Monthly Quizzes
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Big Year for Earth Science at NASA

With the launch of five Earth-observing missions in a 12-month period -- more Earth-focused launches in a single year in more than a decade -- NASA will be able to deliver even more crucial data to scientists trying to understand our changing planet. Since the agency's inception in 1958, NASA has established itself as a world leader in Earth science and climate studies.
Read more about NASA Earth science activities . . .

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Earth Science Apps


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NASA's free "Earth Now" Apple and Android app immerses users in dazzling visualizations of near-real-time global climate data from NASA's fleet of Earth science satellites.

Access NASA science on your iPad with the NASA Visualization Explorer.

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