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Duo Prepares for Upcoming Pair of Spacewalks
July 1, 2013


Flight Engineers Chris Cassidy and Luca Parmitano are preparing for two spacewalks -- one scheduled for next week and the second a week later. The duo was conducting onboard training Monday on the spacesuits SAFER units and also the Enhanced Caution and Warning System. The SAFER, or Simplified Aid for EVA Rescue, can propel a spacewalker back to the station in the unlikely event the astronaut becomes detached from the orbital laboratory.

Cassidy and Parmitano will exit the Quest airlock in their U.S. spacesuits July 9 at 8:10 a.m. EDT for a 6 ½ hour spacewalk. They will retrieve a materials experiment, known as MISSE-8, which was exposed to the space environment; install bypass jumper cables; and if time permits install Ethernet cables and remove a portable data grapple fixture. A second spacewalk is scheduled July 16 at the same time.

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Flight Engineer Karen Nyberg worked inside the Kibo laboratory setting up a NanoRacks experiment. NanoRacks is a commercial science platform that enables schools and businesses to perform a variety of research on the International Space Station.

Nyberg also set up a test to monitor the station’s ultrasonic background noise. Finally, at the end of her day she worked maintenance in Kibo replacing cables on a Multi-Purpose Small Payload Rack.

The three cosmonauts, Commander Pavel Vinogradov and Flight Engineers Alexander Misurkin and Fyodor Yurchikhin, spent part of their morning photographing parts of Earth to document the effects of industrial activity on the ecology. The trio then closed their workday with more Earth observations helping scientists to predict potential man-made and natural catastrophes.

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Vinogradov worked throughout the day on Russian maintenance tasks. He photographed air ducts inside the Zarya cargo module, performed some plumbing work and checked a VHF receiver and headsets.

Misurkin worked on cargo transfers and updated the station’s inventory system. He also assisted Vinogradov with receiver and headset checks.

Yurchikhin continued closeout work from last week’s spacewalk. He checked telemetry units on the Russian Orlan spacesuits and later performed some installation work in the Zvezda service module.

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Luca Parmitano
Flight Engineer Luca Parmitano participates in onboard training for two upcoming spacewalks.
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