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Crew Conducts Ongoing Science, Cleans Up After Spacewalk
January 29, 2014


The six Expedition 38 crew members were back at work Wednesday conducting ongoing international research while cleanup work continued after Monday’s spacewalk.

NASA astronaut Rick Mastracchio worked throughout the day on the Capillary Flow Experiment-2. He set up the hardware and work area and positioned a high definition video camera to record the research results. The fluids experiment studies how liquids behave in microgravity so engineers can build better water tanks and fuel pumps for future spacecraft.

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Flight Engineer Mike Hopkins worked during his morning to remove a multispectral sensor from an Earth observation experiment. Located in the Destiny lab’s Window Observational Research Facility, the ISERV study explores the use of automated features to acquire Earth views and assess environmental impacts from natural and man-made disasters.

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Hopkins later spent the afternoon installing a Light Microscopy Module lens inside the Fluids and Combustion Facility. He also continued logging his dietary intake during breakfast, lunch and dinner for the ENERGY study. The research observes a crew member’s energy and nutritional requirements to ensure good performance and a successful mission in space.

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Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata assisted Hopkins during the ISERV multispectral sensor removal work. Afterward, he searched for the source of a short circuit inside the Kibo lab’s low temperature loop pump.

Veteran station cosmonaut Mikhail Tyurin sampled the station’s air for microbes and downlinked the results to mission scientists. He also worked throughout the day setting up the Russian KAPLYA-2 experiment and installed a camcorder to videotape the science activities.

Commander Oleg Kotov and Flight Engineer Sergey Ryazanskiy are cleaning up after Monday’s six-hour, eight-minute spacewalk. The following day, cosmonauts dried their Orlan spacesuits, disassembled spacewalk gear and discharged suit batteries. On Wednesday, they stowed their suits and tagged up with specialists on the ground to talk about their spacewalk activities.

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They installed two Earth observation cameras, retrieved a materials experiment cassette and removed a worksite interface adapter to enable future Canadarm2 activities. A medium resolution camera continued experiencing telemetry issues despite Ryazanskiy disconnecting and reconnecting cables on the device. Flight controllers decided no future camera repairs would be planned.

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Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata
Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata works to find a short circuit inside the Kibo laboratory.
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