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2013 NASA Ames Virtual Poster Fair - List by Organization: Codes D, I, P, V, and Y

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Code D - Office of the Center Director 

Code I - Office of the Director of Information Technology Directorate

Code P - Office of the Director of Programs and Projects 

Code V - Office of the Director of New Ventures and Communications 

Code Y - Aeroflightdynamics Directorate, Aviation and Missile Research Development and Engineering Center, US Army Research Development and Engineering Command

Office of the Center Director (Code D)

Olivia Lenz
University of Washington
FeS2 nanoparticles for photovoltaics

Jacob Jasser
University of California, Santa Cruz
Modeling of Optical Couplers for Highly Concentrated Solar Thermal Applications

Brian Badders
University of North Dakota
Hybrid Near-Space Technologies for Affordable Access to Suborbital Space

Karl Gendler
University of Michigan
Probe for Gravitational Lensing and Data of Interstellar Environments


Office of the Director of Information Technology Directorate (Code I)

IT Operations Division (Code IO)

Naje Fields
Morgan State University
Network Satellite Emulator (Netem)


Office of the Director of Programs and Projects (Code P)

Project Management Office (Code PX)

Melissa Siemer
Sonoma State University
Abundance Patterns in the Spiral Galaxy Messier 33

Sarah Bass
San Jose State University
Analyzing the Performance of the SOFIA Airborne IR Telescope


Garrett Holthaus
San Francisco State University
Automated Testing of SOFIA Software Tools for Engineering Data Handling
Brent Cedric Nicklas
Michigan Technological University
Validation of Data Reduction Interactive Pipeline for FORCAST on SOFIA
Carey Scott
California State University, Chico
Standard New Astronomy Cryostat for SOFIA
Hari P. Shetty
California State University Sacramento (CSUS)
Mechanical Design of PI Rack Drawer (PIRD) with Airworthiness compliance for SOFIA (Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy)
Peter Sullivan
California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo
Photoionization of Planetary Nebula
Jesse Tsai
San Francisco State University
FLITECAM Data Processing Validation


Office of the Director of New Ventures and Communications (Code V)

Mitchell Scher
Hamilton College
NASA's Diplomatic Future


Education and Public Outreach (Code VE)

Schetema Nealy
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Developing A High Quality Professional Development Module Focused on the Redox Chemistry of Thermophiles and Its Relation to NASA’s Mars Mission


Technology Partnerships (Code VP)

Kyle M. Hanquist
University of Michigan
Validation of a New Generation of High-Fidelity Material Response Code: PATO
Alexander Lavin
Carnegie Mellon University
Defining the Potential for Customized On-Demand Payload Return from the International Space Station
Robert Lee
Cornell University
Potential of Zeolites in Terrestrial and Microgravity Applications


Aeroflightdynamics Directorate (AFDD), Aviation and Missile Research Development and Engineering Center (AMRDEC), US Army Research Development and Engineering Command (RDECOM) (Code Y)

Aeromechanics Division (Code YA)

Cory Frontin
The University of Maryland
Phase Averaged Data Reduction of Unsteady Active Flow Control Boundary Layer Measurements
Keven C. Lenahan
Stanford University
Hot-Film and Hot-Wire Anemometry for a Boundary Layer Active Flow Control Test


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