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2013 NASA Ames Virtual Poster Fair - List by Organization: Code T

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Office of the Director of Exploration Technology (Code T) + Visit Website

David Alvarez
Cañada College

Jasmine Flores
Cañada College

Cham Htun
Cañada College

Agustin Robles
Cañada College

Utilizing Steel Plate Shear Walls for Seismic Mitigation

Jesus Garcia
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Carl Lewis
San Francisco State University

Federico Lopez
Cañada College

Victor Vargas
Cañada College

Dynamic Plant Development for Control Systems and Mechatronics Experiments

Marissa Buell
Cañada College

Nehad Dababo
Cañada College

Rene Figueroa
Cañada College

Peter Moala
Cañada College

Optimizing a Wirelessly Powered AC-DC Booster for Biomedical Implants


Norman Ettedgui
Cañada College

Arash Koushkebaghi
Cañada College

Rita Melgar
Cañada College

Hector Prado-Guerrero
Cañada College

Modeling and Implementation of Brain-Inspired Neural Network for Edge Detection and Object Recognition


Human Systems Integration Division (Code TH)

Akshat Agrawal
Lynbrook High School
Autogenic Feedback Training Exercise for the  Control of Motion Sickness

Matthew M. Davis
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
User Interface Design for the Traffic and Atmospheric Information for General Aviation (TAIGA) System


Gregory Blake Arnsdorff
California State University, Long Beach
Full Mission UAS Simulation: Simulation Architecture
Simran Gulati
Mission San Jose High School
Examining Individual Differences in Temporal Profiles of Cardiovascular Responses to Head Down Tilt During Fluid Loading

Zach Roberts
California State University, Long Beach
UAS in the NAS


Azwad Sabik
Johns Hopkins University
Motion Trajectory Analysis for Human-Telerobot Performance Assessment
Lindsay Sturre
California State University, Long Beach
Distributed Simulation Management
John Sweet
California State University, Long Beach
Uses and Implications of Electronic Flight Bags in the Cockpit


Intelligent Systems Division (Code TI)

Sophie Milam
University of Idaho

George Korbel
University of Idaho

Kyle Morse
University of Idaho

Optimizing a Wirelessly Powered AC-DC Booster for Biomedical Implants

Miles Eldon
Brown University
Edge Case Verification of the Solar Array Constraints Engine
Nicholas Hopkins
Wright State University
Bayesian Inference of Higher Frequency Load Models for Improved Wire Fault Diagnostics


Joseph Krall
West Virginia University
Exploring NextGEN Aviation Technology for Efficient Approaches


Raghav Sharma
UC Berkeley
Graph Anomaly Detection for Evolving Graphs

Andrew P. Sabelhaus
UC Berkeley
Mechatronic Design of Tensegrity Robotic Systems for Dynamic Locomotion
Atil Iscen
Oregon State University
Controlling Tensegrity Robots via Evolution
Rohan Sharma
Princeton University
Telemetry Visualization Software Development & Open Source Deployment
Harleigh Marsh
UC Santa Cruz
Mission Control Technologies (MCT): Presenting a Viable Open-Source Mission-Operations Software Project to the Public
Jorge G. Cintrón-Rivera
Michigan State University
Fault Mitigation in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors Under an Internal Turn-to-Turn Failure
Andrew Kwok-Leung Tsoi
University of Colorado Boulder
Aeroelastic Modeling of a 2D Flexible Wing using Distributed Propulsion Control with Finite Element and Galerkin Method


Abigail Sherriff
Mississippi State University
Assessment of Fuel Consumption Using Machine Learning Techniques

Aliyeh Mousavi
Stanford University
Reducing Rotorcraft Noise:Advances in Machine Learning for High Fidelity Design Optimization
Emily Briere
Duke University
Trajectory Optimizations for Small-Satellite Asteroid Flyby Explorer (SAFEX)
Lynn Garrett
University of Chicago
Brain and Brawn: Software Component Design Criteria for Small Spacecraft
Johannes Geist
University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien
FPGA-based Sensor and Software Health Management Framework for the SWIFT UAS
Jonathan Tynan
St. Ignatius College Prep
Vertical Tail Sizing For Stability of a Future Distributed Propulsion Transport Aircraft
Joshua Aurich
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Development of Test Datasets for Vehicle Health Management Algorithms
Adam Campbell
Iowa State University
Schematic Graphical User Interface Development
Edward H Chen
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
On-chip quantum repeater in diamond for space-based quantum communication
Borna Emami
Arizona State University
Model Predictive Control for NextGen TBO
Germán H. Flores
UC Santa Cruz
Planetary Data System (PDS) Web Tool Development and Visualization Enhancement
Emily Hand
University of Nevada, Reno
Structure from Motion with Sparse Bundle Adjustment
Joshua Harris
Texas A&M University
State Machine Modeling of the Space Launch System Solid Rocket Boosters
Sebastian Hening
UC Santa Cruz
Autonomous Decision Making using Diagnostic and Prognostic Information
Alexander McArther
University of Nevada, Reno
Extending the SPHERES Test Bed Toward Human-Robot Interaction on the International Space Station
Phillip Mejias
Interamerican Puerto Rico University
Data Mining and Analysis for Sustainability Base

Emmanuel Nyangweso
University of Michigan- Ann arbor
Development and implementation of a hardware-in-the-loop test bed for unmanned aerial vehicle control algorithms


Brandon Oubre
Louisiana State University
Schematic Graphical User Interface Development
Alexandra Pogue
University of California, San Diego
Tensegrity Robotic Climber
Jared Rhizor
University of Nevada, Reno
Rover Localization Using Horizon Lines

Qandeel Sajid
University of Nevada, Reno
Integrating the Kinect, ROS, and PCL with Single-Board Computers for Use in Robot Navigation


Hadayat Seddiqi
Georgia Southern University
Intelligent Exploration with the Planetary LakeLander
Brian Tietz
Case Western Reserve University
Tetraspine: A flexible and powerful tensegrity spine for robotic exploration of unknown environments


NASA Advanced Supercomputing (NAS) Division (Code TN)

Arseniy Kotov
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Supporting Computational Fluid Dynamics Study for the Sonic Boom Signatures
Samira Motiwala
Stanford University
Conceptual Launch Vehicle and Spacecraft Design for Risk Analysis


NAS Applications Branch (Code TNA)

Ojas Chinchwadkar
George Washington Univ. Online HS
Regression Analysis of Multivariable System
Sean Ballinger
Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science
Aerodynamics Simulations for the D8 “Double Bubble” Aircraft Using the LAVA Unstructured Solver
James Jensen
Arizona State University
Grid Refinement Study for Proper Shock Capture

Derrick Yabut
University of California Davis
Supporting Computational Fluid Dynamics Study on SOFIA Cavity



NAS Computational Technologies Branch (TNC)

Michael Pozulp
The College of William & Mary
Creating a Framework for Systematic Benchmarking of the Pleiades Supercomputer Systems
Nick Kowalczyk
Purdue University
Enhanced OVERSMART for Ease-of-Use and Multi-Parameter Data Summary
Noelle Oguri
University of California Davis
Visualization And Analysis of Flow Solver Simulation Data Using OVERSMART


NAS Engineering Branch (Code TNE)

George Ilhwan Park
Stanford University
Wall-modeled Large Eddy Simulation of Complex Flows for Engineering Applications


Thermo-Physics Facilities Branch (Code TSF)

Ryan Gronet
Homestead High School
Calculating Thermodynamic Environmental Conditions with JVM Computer Architectures


Entry Systems and Vehicle Development Branch (Code TSS)

David O’Brien
Northwestern University
Vertical graphene by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition: correlation of plasma conditions and growth characteristics
Krista Barzen-Hanson
Oregon State University
Resonant frequency of vertically aligned ZnO nanowires on copper substrates



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