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There are many ways to become involved in space exploration - your contributions matter! The Participate! section features participatory events that have inspired citizen artists to get involved.

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Rock Around the World -- Scientists Need Your Help!
banner for the rock around the world invitational
Rock Around the World.
Image credit: Rock Around the World/ASU

Contest Deadline: Ongoing Competition

Mars scientists are asking students from around the world to help them learn more about the mysteries of the Red Planet in the “Rock Around the World” initiative.

The contest, organized by Arizona State University, asks you to send in a rock collected by you or your classroom from your region of the world. Your rock will then be tested with a special tool, like the one on the Mars Exploration Rovers, to tell you what the rock is made of.

After you have submitted a rock from your region, and have been told what it’s made out of, you can compare your rock to the ones found on Mars.

For more information about rock measurements, requirements, and places to send the rocks, please see here: http://ratw.asu.edu/program.html