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There are many ways to become involved in space exploration - your contributions matter! The Participate! section features participatory events that have inspired citizen artists to get involved.

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How to Participate in ArtSpace
Diagram of Hyperion space settlement Click image for full resolution
Hyperion Space Settlement diagram. Design team: Gaurav Kumar, Deepak Talwar, Harman Jot Singh Walia, Mahiyal B. Singh, Kaenat Seth, Ishaan Mehta, and Navdeep Singh Makkar. Winning entry, 2011 NASA Space Settlement Contest.
Image credit: NASA

The Participate! section of NASA ArtSpace offers news and stories about the latest contests and collaborative projects from NASA and other organizations working at the convergence of science, art and technology.

Browse the collection to see the contributions of others, and discover how you can submit your own creative work on focused topics. Participate! will serve as  NASA's first living, growing archive of public participation at the intersection of art, science and technology.

Enter Current Challenges

Participate! will let you know about the many exciting opportunities to claim your place in the journey of discovery and innovation. Stories will include links to rules, entry forms and contact information so that you can contribute creative work of your own.

Submit Your Ideas for NASA ArtSpace

NASA ArtSpace invites you to suggest topics that interest you. Use our form to send us information about what you want to see on NASA ArtSpace.

Make Use of Royalty-free Resources

Participate! offers a Royalty-free Resources page filled with links to digital content that citizen artists can use, from images to animations to sounds. This material is provided by NASA, ESA, and sources from around the world. The Royalty-free Resources page also includes links to policies related to the use of royalty-free content, so that you can make sure that your use is legitimate and correct.

Follow Feature Stories

Participate! will feature stories about citizen artists who have contributed collaborative works and offered their unique creative perspectives. Participate! will follow the full trajectory of public participation, from the initial announcement of a contest or project to coverage of its completion.

NASA ArtSpace Participate! has its binoculars on, scanning the horizon for new chances for the public to get involved! Join the fun, as a contributor or as part of the cheering section. Play a role in the ongoing story of art and science. After all, it's yours.