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There are many ways to become involved in space exploration - your contributions matter! The Participate! section features participatory events that have inspired citizen artists to get involved.

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Etsy & NASA Space Craft Contest
Image of two winners of the Etsy space craft contest
Photo by Etsy Admin Laura and NASA Astronaut Steve Robinson

Grand prize winners, Colleen and Eric Whiteley
Grand Prize Winner, Best of Show: Northstar Table by Colleen and Eric Whiteley
Image Credit: Etsy

3D original catoryg winner, Patrick Burts 3D Original Winner: Brother Sun, Sister Moon Ring by Patrick Burt
Image Credit: Etsy
The Winners

The judging for the Space Craft Contest occurred on March 18th, 2011, which showcased the finalists’ work in front of a panel of judges.

The judges included NASA astronaut Steve Robinson, Susannah Locke of Popular Science magazine, Shaifali Puri of the NY Academy of Sciences, John Matson of Scientific American, Peter Giles of the NYC Center for Space Science Education, freelance scientific journalist Lee Billings (formerly of SEED), Rob Giampietro of Project Projects Design Studio, and Maria Popova of Brain Pickings.

The winner of the 2D Original category was Rachel Barry Hobson. Her piece, entitled High Texture Hand Embroidery of the Moon, included extraordinary detail in her embroidered depiction of the moon.

The winner of the 2D Reproduction category was Nikkita Karsan Bhakta with her piece, Universal Thoughts. Her goal was to photograph trails of smoke by experimenting with ink and water; the trails of ink in water reminded her of images she’d seen from space.

The winner of the 3D Original category was Patrick Burts’ Brother Sun, Sister Moon Ring. What set this submission apart from the others was the detail of the diamonds: the silver and gold stones represented the stars, sun, moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn.

The Grand Prize Winners, Best of Show, were Colleen and Eric Whiteley for the creation of their Northstar Table. The Grand Prize winner received a $500 Etsy shopping spree and an all-expenses-paid trip to see the shuttle launch at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

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