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There are many ways to become involved in space exploration - your contributions matter! The Participate! section features participatory events that have inspired citizen artists to get involved.

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International Space Apps Challenge: Comparing Earth Landscapes
Three planets side by side
Intl Space Apps Challenge
Image Credit: Space Apps Challenge

When: April 20-21st, 2013

This project is to compare different landscapes on Earth with those of other planets and their moons or other bodies like asteroids. Finding close matches can benefit scientists and astronauts in preparing to send a probe or even manned mission by first practicing here on Earth.

Challenge description:

Create an application that allows the user to compare Earth landscapes with planetary surfaces like the moon, Mars, Mercury, Ceres, Vesta, etc.

- The application should be able to query the Planetary Data System and/or mission websites (Messenger, LRO, etc.) databases

- Data sets can include topography (laser altimeters are used on some missions and the data is availabe) and where availabe, the chemical composition

- Example: the application could show a comparison between Olympus Mons, the largest volcano on Mars, to Mauna Kea, the largest volcano on Earth

See here for more information:

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