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  • Ric Stultz: Featured Artist

    The NASA ArtSpace team had the pleasure of meeting Ric Stultz and seeing some of his original work up close. Ric came to the NASA Ames campus in June 2011 for the thing artists look for most: inspiration.

  • CARBON installation by Charles Lindsay

    Charles Lindsay: the SETI Institute's Artist in Residence

    The mission of the SETI Institute’s Artist in Residence Program is to encourage cross-disciplinary artistic expression in order to explore and illuminate the origin, nature and prevalence of life in the universe.

  • Patch by Blake Dumesnil and Hamilton Sundstrand

    Faces & Names: To Space and Back on the Shuttle

    The idea that it's possible to make regular manned space flights is so extraordinary that it can seem unreal, but the space shuttles flew for thirty years. NASA worked hard to make the shuttle program personal, so that the public would have a sense of ownership of the program and know that the shuttle flights were truly theirs.