This section includes stories featuring the work of artists inside of NASA and around the world, now and historically, who have produced imagery that serves to bring the experience of space exploration alive for the general public and subject matter experts alike.

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Feature Stories

  • "Suiting Up" by Paul Calle

    The NASA Art Program

    The stated vision of NASA is “to reach for new heights and reveal the unknown so that what we do and learn will benefit all humankind.”

  • Mars in 3D

    1979 Mars in 3D: Remastered

    Mars in 3D is a 32-minute documentary film featuring mankind’s earliest images from the surface of Mars, captured by NASA’s Viking landers between 1976 and 1979. Mars in 3D is now remastered in high definition.

  • Montage painting of Paul Calle by his son, Chris Calle

    Paul Calle put the NASA Stamp on our Imaginations

    Paul Calle was one of the first artists chosen to be a member of the NASA Space Art Program. Unlike most artists who focus on paintings or drawings, Calle also created paintings for postage stamps that would record and pay homage to NASA missions.

  • CARBON installation by Charles Lindsay

    Charles Lindsay: the SETI Institute's Artist in Residence

    The mission of the SETI Institute’s Artist in Residence Program is to encourage cross-disciplinary artistic expression in order to explore and illuminate the origin, nature and prevalence of life in the universe.

  • Image of the moon with the silhouette of a crowd of observers looking up into the night sky

    Astronomers Without Borders: AstroArt Project

    Astronomers Without Borders (AWB) is an organization that seeks to foster understanding and goodwill across national and cultural boundaries by creating relationships through astronomy. Astronomers Without Borders projects promote sharing -- sharing resources, sharing knowledge, sharing inspiration -- all through a common interest in something basic and universal: sharing the sky.

  • Sarah Weaver in front of two screens

    Sarah Weaver and Universal Synchrony Music

    New York-based composer, conductor and technologist, is recognized internationally as a specialist in telematic music for her work with large contemporary ensembles. Telematic art and music challenges the traditional relationship between active and passive viewing, and emphasizes creative interaction.

  • The Parking Ticket, by Scott Listfield

    Scott Listfield: Astronauts in Pop Culture

    One space artist, Scott Listfield, has sought to bring the image of the astronaut back to Planet Earth. He has become known for his paintings that feature "a lone exploratory astronaut lost in a landscape cluttered with pop culture icons, corporate logos, and tongue-in-cheek science fiction references."

  • Stanford Laptop orchestra

    CCRMA: The Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics

    Originally located at the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratories during the 1960s, CCRMA was established as a place where researchers and composers could work together to create computer-based technology and digital audio, and has since developed into an innovative multimedia platform that represents the convergence of music and technology.

  • STS 133 mission patch by Tim Gagnon

    NASA Artist Tim Gagnon: Talent and Tireless Work

    Artist Timothy Gagnon, eager to contribute to the space program, submitted many designs for mission patches over twenty years without having any accepted. With the encouragement of his hero, Robert McCall, he persevered, and eventually his designs were accepted and used.

  • Hidden Light by Dan Goods

    Dan Goods, NASA Visual Strategist

    Dan Goods wants you to experience something beautiful, meaningful and profound. He wants to alter your way of observing the world. Dan Goods is a Visual Strategist for NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Los Angeles. He conceives new ways of communicating ideas, thoughts and mission discoveries visually, in a beautiful and seamless fashion.

  • Ric Stultz: Featured Artist

    The NASA ArtSpace team had the pleasure of meeting Ric Stultz and seeing some of his original work up close. Ric came to the NASA Ames campus in June 2011 for the thing artists look for most: inspiration.

  • Hyperion Space Settlement - 2011 Grand Prize winner

    NASA Space Settlement Contest

    Since its inception in 1994, the NASA Space Settlement Contest has given thousands of students the opportunity to conceive their own space settlement design, using their skills in art, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

  • MSL Flight Engineer, Bobak Ferdowsi, profile photograph displaying stars-and-stripes mohawk that made him an internet sensation

    Bobak Ferdowsi: Mohawk Guy

    Although NASA’s mission control room was packed with dozens of rocket scientists during the landing of the Mars Curiosity rover, no one made a bigger impression on live-television viewers than flight engineer Bobak Ferdowsi. The 32-year-old Oakland native has become the star of NASA’s mission coverage, becoming an overnight internet sensation.

  • alan bean sitting in front of his paintings

    Astronaut Artists

    Many of the Astronauts who have voyaged into space have not just contributed to scientific research but have also made works of art to showcase their experiences. These artists have helped to bridge the gap between space science and space art, in addition to growing the field of space art itself.

  • the paint-splattered boots that Frank Pietronigro wore while painting in space

    Frank Pietronigro: Zero-Gravity Space Artist

    Frank Pietronigro was the first American artist to create 'drift paintings,’ a form of space art in which the artist floats, weightless, in a zero gravity, three-dimensional environment while painting.