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Sarah Weaver and Universal Synchrony Music
Sarah Weaver ensemble
Universal Synchrony Music
Image Credit: Sarah Weaver

Sarah Weaver close up shot, wearing headphones
Sarah Weaver: composer, conductor, technologist.
Image credit: Sarah Weaver

Sarah Weaver in front of two screens
Sarah Weaver in front of performance screens
Image credit: Sarah Weaver

Musician playing instrument in Sarah Weaver ensemble
Close up of ensemble.
Image credit: Sarah Weaver
April 7th: Volume 1 Premiere of the "Virtual Tour: A Reduced-Carbon Footprint Concert Series"

New York-based composer, conductor and technologist, Sarah Weaver, is recognized internationally as a specialist in “telematic music” for her work with large contemporary ensembles. Telematic art and music challenges the traditional relationship between active and passive viewing, and emphasizes creative interaction.

Weaver creates telematic music, which is live performance via the Internet by musicians in different geographic locations. This ‘telematic synchrony’ ensemble series allows musicians to participate and play together on unified, multi-faceted compositions, featuring the harmonization of sound. Weaver’s compositions embracing the compilation of “data sonifications” blend computer and traditional musical sources that demonstrates the multidisciplinary nature of her work, and comprise an excellent example of the convergence of art, science and technology.

The “Universal Synchrony Music” (USM) was conceived by Weaver as a multi-year telematic music ensemble project. The first volume of the Universal Synchrony Music will incorporate sonifications of data streams from the NASA Kepler mission, together with professional experimental jazz and computer musicians. For this first volume, Weaver incorporated the NASA Kepler data sonifications in order “to create an ongoing “cosmic stream” throughout the piece, hearing identities of the stars as well as revealing their dynamic components for synchrony with the notion and metaphors of the music score.”

Weaver credits astronomy as her source of inspiration, on both an artistic and physical level. She believes that the understanding of space and time, in astronomical terms, has helped her create her complex, multi-layered compositions. She goes on to explain that “the concept of synchrony in this project is conceived physically as simultaneity of distributed time and space components, and metaphysically as a heightened state of interconnection in the present.” In other words, the time and space spectra available in astronomy can be used as a metaphor for the waves of overlapping, interconnected musical components apparent in Weaver’s synchronic compositions.

Volume 1 of Universal Synchrony Music will premiere on April 7, 2013 on the Virtual Tour: A Reduced-Carbon Footprint Concert Series, coordinated by Mark Dresser and Michael Dessen, involving live, integrated telematics performances at the University of California San Diego and Stony Brook University in New York. The concerts will be attended in person at both of the performance sites, and a high-quality audio/video recording will be made of the concert for future release.

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